#CuttingCRC Ohio Community Dialogue (Vol 1.)
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#CuttingCRC Ohio Community Dialogue (Vol 1.)

The Center for Cancer Health Equity at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center is partnering with Dr. Charles Rogers (University of Utah School of Medicine) on investigating the complex, understudied factors influencing African-American men’s low completion of screening for colorectal cancer (CRC). The American Cancer Society’s 2019 statistics show CRC death rates of African-American men are 47% higher than white men. Thus, Dr. Rogers National Cancer Institute-funded #CuttingCRC study aims to intervene on masculinity barriers to care and psychosocial factors among African-American men via barbershops to reduce this CRC-related disparity among African-American men in Utah, Minnesota, and Ohio!

Yet, Dr. Rogers cannot accomplish this large goal on his own. Accordingly, he will be hosting a community dialogue session in Columbus, Ohio where community members can provide instrumental insight that can further support the #CuttingCRC study and improve the quality of life of African-American men across the country. You will also be able to hear preliminary findings from the 11 focus groups Dr. Rogers conducted in Utah, Minnesota, and Ohio this year.

To formally gather this knowledge, he is providing brunch and a safe space (with free parking) for those who are interested in collaborating with him on his #CuttingCRC study. It’s important to be aware that space is limited!

As a result, your RSVP is requested by midnight on Friday, November 8, 2019. Formal Eventbrite invite to follow. To learn more about Dr. Rogers and the #CuttingCRC study, please visit crrogersPhD.com.

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